About WEX Africa

11th-12th November, 2015

Why Africa?

The Economist magazine recently highlighted Africa as one of the world’s fastest growing regions. Economic growth has accelerated in 27 of the the 30 largest economies and in some countries investors are seeing returns which are among the highest in the world. As a consequence, Africa’s share of global GDP is predicted to increase from 4% in 2010 to 12% by 2050, with a quantum leap in development expected in many countries

Despite the positive outlook there are nevertheless numerous challenges to establishing successful businesses in these emerging markets. Africa comprises more than 50 countries which exhibit huge cultural diversity spanning language, religion, economics, politics and of course greatly varying degrees of inadequate infrastructure. It is hardly surprising therefore, that the security of water and energy supply, are a central part of the business risk scenario for all companies investing in Africa

About WEX Africa

WEX Africa is an international summit which brings together leaders from both public and private sectors, who are tasked with meeting the growing demand for water, energy and sanitation throughout Africa. It is a business oriented summit, which combines a programme of intensive pre-scheduled one to one meetings, with presentations from regional experts identifying the commercial opportunities for international companies throughout Africa.

WEX Africa brings together a trade mission of international companies, with African leaders from both public and private sectors, who are tasked with meeting the growing demand for water, energy and sanitation throughout the continent.

The relationship of water, energy and food continues to evolve and nowhere are the effects of this nexus more evident than in Africa. The ability to plan for the adequate provision of all three commodities, is fundamental to the growth prospects of every country and business in the region.

Understanding how best to optimise the use of water and energy is a key strategic issue for the business leaders, financiers, policy-makers and utilities professionals, whose decisions are critical for the economic development which will underpin a better more sustainable future for the citizens of Africa. Overcoming the twin challenges of rapid urbanisation and population growth, whilst mitigating the effects of climate change, requires joined up thinking and coordinated effort.

5 reasons to join WEX Africa

  • Access new business opportunities by selecting a programme of pre-scheduled one to one business meetings with the key decision makers of your choice.
  • Learn from presentations given by regional experts identifying potential commercial opportunities for your company across Africa.
  • Establish an improved framework for doing business in the region.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss the potential issues involved in doing business in different African countries.
  • Develop and understand practical strategies and tools for working more effectively with prospective clients.

Trade Mission Objective

Successful business development in Africa requires an understanding of who you are dealing with, your markets, your clients and your competition. The experience can be challenging but also extremely rewarding if you take the time to build relationships and to adapt to the different working styles and practices. In particular WEX Africa will allow you to spend two days with people and organisations that will enable you to:

  • Build critical mass in a continent where individual economies may be small but collectively are larger than Brazil or Russia
  • Save time and cut risks by introducing you to opportunities in a range of different countries
  • Focus on opportunities whilst highlighting the need to consider the long term
  • Find new ways to serve the markets
  • Engage the right partners across trade zones rather than focusing on single countries

How is my personalised schedule prepared?

Before WEX begins you will be contacted by our team and asked to select which conference sessions you wish to attend, and which of your fellow delegates you would like to meet.
Our software prepares your schedule in advance of WEX, based on your own requests and those of your fellow delegates. All meetings are pre-qualified so there is no onus on you to accept a meeting that you don’t want. Your individual agenda also ensures there is no clash with your chosen conference sessions.
Most importantly, you will know who you will meet even before you board your flight, giving you plenty of time for preparation!

What other networking opportunities are there?

Whatever your main reason for attending WEX Africa, our format will enable you to network with potential partners, expert speakers, colleagues, and decision makers according to your priorities. In addition to the formal business meetings, there are roundtable working lunches, a Gala Dinner, cocktail receptions and other informal networking opportunities. Together they represent a brilliant opportunity to spend informal, invaluable time with your peers in the African water and energy sectors.